Yes, (imaginary) mistress!

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I downloaded the file. I started watching in anticipation the scene starts with them discussing how the scene is going to be, my anticipation builds eventually the action starts Dean is tied up and then pixels..pixels…pixels, the video starts slowing downing until there is nothing but a bunch of pixels on my screen.

After, a while of trying to find out what was ruining my much anticipated fun, I finally figured out the problem resolution 1280×720 it was an HD file., a wmv HD file. I’ve always found wmv to be vulnerable to this. After lamenting the fact that I’m no longer up enough on the technology curve to be able to just download a file and assume my computer can handle I opened up some programs to see if I could transcode the file into something my computer could handle. I left the computer transcoding the file down to standard def to see if that would help or just create a garbled mess. However, I still felt the need for some sexual exploration and I wanted it to of a submissive flavor.

Thinking for a moment there was a certain set of thoughts that have been repeating in my brain since I had my first real submissive fantasy. I kept picturing the scene I have seen in porn women liking cum off…well off pretty much any flat surface on which the aforementioned cum could be deposited; then imaging me licking my own cum in the same way in order to arouse some female mistress. I decided I was going to explore this a bit more.I went downstairs and got a plate; just because I had fantasized about licking cum off the floor didn’t mean I actually felt like licking the floor.

I went into the master bath took off all my clothes and got on my knees feeling the hard tilts underneath them and got to work. I started by mentally repeating the brief but intense clip I mentioned in my previous post, then I begin picturing an imagery mistress asking me to cum for her and lick it for her amusement. As I masturbated I used my free hand to give myself some whacks on my own ass, I wasn’t hitting myself particularly hard but a little string followed by a little heat…it was certainly adding to the experience. Eventually I came spilling my seed upon the waiting receptacle. I bent down slowly hesitantly at first before putting my tongue on the plate, like my previous experience the texture of the first big tongueful was a bit odd but the subsequent ones less so…they felt dare I say it rather pleasant. After licking my plate clean literally, I got in the shower and thought about what I did for a bit.

First, off this was a different type of masturbatory experience I wasn’t just jerking myself off to porn or a mental movie in my head. The getting on my knees, the deliberate choice of the hard bathroom titles, the smacking of my own ass and of course the eating of my own cum; even if it was just masturbation I was acting it out in a way I never had.

Secondly, I watched a documentary called Indie Sex once about sex in film mainly in independent films and it talked about how male masturbation is frequently used as something pathetic or humorous America Pie being an example. Interesting topic in general but in the context of this experience that thought only added to the self-humiliation tones of it all.

When I got out, I took the plate I used to throw in the trash and thought to myself: “Do they make disposable plates in black?” if I do this again the contrast of black on white would probably help the look of it. If I was going to be a pervert, at least I was apparently a pervert with attention to detail.


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