The Beauty and Mystery of Double (and Triple!) Penetration

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For as long as I can remember understanding what a double penetration is I have been fascinated by the act; same for its big brother triple penetration. I never been part of one or any group sex experience for that matter but in porn they are my favorite things to watch. Double penetration (DP), being one cock in the cunt and one in the ass at the same time; triple penetration (TP) being one in every hole: ass, pussy, and mouth. Oral along with pussy or ass penetration can also be a double penetration ,however, for this post I’m only talking about “sandwiching” not “split roasting”.* I figured I’d post on this topic eventually if I kept doing this blogging thing long enough, but I didn’t think it be for a good long time. However, a brief twitter exchange 2 days ago lit a fire under me that moved this post to the top of the query:

@AlexaRPD Would you be opposed to doing 3 males at once? I mean in a place where space restrictions don’t apply course.
@namelesschaos No. Not only would I not be opposed to it, I’d enjoy it. I’ve done a 10-man blowbang before (professionally).
@AlexaRPD I recall that story 😉 more specifically I’m wondering if you would be willing to do a Triple Penetration in such a situation.
@namelesschaos Absolutely.
@AlexaRPD Thank you for answering. You have no idea how hot I find that one word tweet to be right now. Now I must… well…you know 😉

That last tweet is true and the fact that I was so absolutely aroused by the word “Absolutely” shocked me (I swear titillation was not my goal when I asked the question…was a nice windfall thou). I mean it isn’t as if I was at all surprised by her willingness I mean it’s Alexa, she’s like the Obi Wan of sexual exploration, and yet I was set absolutely (I may be developing a fetish for this word lol) ablaze. So after doing that which needed to be done (1) I decided to strike while the iron (cock?) was hot and write this post. So without further ado the beauty and mystery of the DP and TP:

How must it feel to be penetrated by two or three people simultaneously? How much different must the feeling of having all your holes filled at once compare to having them filled individually? How much must it affect the sexual response feedback loop between partners when you’re responding to data from three different points when each of your partners are free to concentrate on just one? How do you approach the task of pleasing two or three individuals all going at your body from different orifices, different victors, at different rhythms; of different sizes; etc. Do the feeling vary significantly if the partners merely change “stations”? Does anyone even do these things outside of porn? So on and so forth. All of these are questions that as a male, I will never know the answer to and I just find that fascinating.

That last paragraph is the short version of what fascinates me about multiple penetrations. Now if you will indulge me, my longer musing on this topic. As I said in my last post, the biggest reason I love watching DP/TPs is the mystery of how it must feel for the women on the receiving end of so much attention. There is also something about being on the receiving end that just seems inherently female about the act to me. You could say there is a mystery to how the other gender feels most sexual acts however; something about the DP/TP is unique to me. Even the most vanilla heterosexual sex has the opposing penetrator/ penetrated dynamic right so what makes DP so unique to me? Strangely, for lack of a better way of saying it, the perfect diametrical opposition of the traditional sexual roles makes them easier to process. When it comes to DP/TP it is the lack of such a symmetrical equivalent that is so intriguing to me. Confused? Let me expand. Some would say there is an equivalent action on the male end, mainly giving (via penis whatever orifice interaction) and receiving (anal) simultaneously. Seem to be the DP’s diametrical twin at first glance however looking at the psychology and role dynamics they seem to be very different (especially if you factor in the homophobia in our culture) acts to me.

Traditionally a woman’s role is that of the “penetrated” and the man’s that of the “penetrator”. This is why the giving and receiving situation above does not really compare to a DP to me. In the giving/receiving situation the man would simultaneously playing the role of penetrator and the penetrated. Add oral penetration and it would be 1/3 the traditional role and 2/3 going against the traditional sexual role. (Do women ever think about how that must feel for guy the same way I wonder how a DP must feel for a gal?). To compare a DP or TP on a women represents an almost hyper-exaggeration of her traditional role she becomes 2x or 3x the penetrated; that what a mean when I say there is something incredibly female about it all. This is also, why I say there is a lack of easy symmetry, there is no act that is the “true” opposite of a DP for me. Unlike the straightforward dynamics of typical penetrative sex, I can’t even try and relate to it via being its diametrical opposite; if that makes any sense.

On that note, the next thing that turns me on is that while it is female in the sense I described above it is not feminine, at least not in the delicate china doll that is easily broken sense of the word. If anything with the sheer amount of movement and friction there is almost an inherent degree of roughness to it. The sexual-aggressiveness and confidence inherent in a woman that would want to be simultaneously fucked by three men, let alone the actually doing it, isn’t exactly what proper society would consider “lady like” behavior. What does it say about this sexual warrior that she is ready, willing, and eager to take on her opponents three at a time? Who wouldn’t find that hot?

Continuing in that vein there is the fact that the act is taboo “something you’re not supposed to do” that adds to the allure as well. I find group sex in any forum is arousing in this regarded. The implicated rejection of the “save it for yur one tru luv” sexual ethic (and for that matter one at the time serial monogamy sexual ethic) makes it quite arousing. How much bigger rejection of the save it for “the one” mindset can you get then having three people inside you at once. How must that fact make the women in the center of the storm feel for that matter?

While wondering how the women must feel is the biggest part of what turns me on about this. I’m also curious about what being “part of the crowd” must feel like. For one thing what I’ve read says the membrane between the vagina and rectum is thin and you can feel the other guys thrusts through it and while it may cause some to question my sexuality (I’m heterosexual) that turns me on further. I may be feeling his movements but their being transmitted via her wall while I am inside of her. I do realize that ball-slapping and other “gay” things would occur but that just to me seem like unnecessary homophobia. I mean if I said I was willing to get some shit on my dick in order to do a women’s ass (see Sex is Dirty). Does that mean I’m into coprophilia (scat)? No it means I realize what the nature of the beast is. So what if you may rub up against another guy a bit? Shrug it off and focus on fucking the girl in front of you!

For that matter how considering the above does the math work out on how many people are fucking who? Since the guys aren’t directly touching each other does that mean each guy is fucking one person while the girl is fucking three? Or does all the kinetic energy being throw around in such close proximity mean everyone is pretty much fucking everyone else? So many questions.

And that is why I’m absolutely (there’s that word again) fascinated with double and triple penetrations. Now for the part where I scare myself because I start talking like I actually have readers and this isn’t just (for now) an echo chamber. So anyone have thoughts on this? Agree? Disagree? I’m the only one that has these crazy thoughts on this? Anyone have experience with this? (O how he wishes he was in a situation where he could collect “field data” on the topic)

(1) Getting it done almost become a post entitled “What the fuck does a guy have to do to masturbate to a Twitter post around here?” After I read that tweet I had to immediately leave to run an errand, which took far longer than expected (Did the traffic lights in Miami-Dade County always takes this long to change?). Once I got home I was interrupted *twice* by a phone call I had to take as I was approaching my climax. All that waiting did make the final release quite sweet however.

*Note: I have a short of part two to this post planed were I discuss that and other related acts. Stay tuned nonexistent readers. Also one final thing although I’m thinking of DP and TP where all the penetrating objects are fleshy I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’ve forgotten what can be done with a strap-on.


~ by namelesschaos on Saturday, July 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “The Beauty and Mystery of Double (and Triple!) Penetration”

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  2. Interesting. Same thoughts here. There is no equivalent 😦

  3. I wish that I had a penis

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