Anal Play-Week 1

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As I said in my first post in this blog, reading Alexa’s blog has made me interested in anal play. Although I didn’t get to experiment the night of that first post, I eventually found the lube I knew I had and found sticking fingers in my butthole to be pleasurable enough but I realized I would need some hardware to really explore this. Well I got my first set of anal toys from Edenfantasys last week and the results after a week of testing are good very very good.

These are the two toys I ordered:

1) Tantus Silk Medium (I’ve written a stand alone review of it here)

2) Silicone flexi-power rod (I’ll eventually write a review on this one too)

I also ordered some lube

Brief notes on why I chose these toys: 1) I do not like buying low quality stuff even if it just to try out, so I wanted a quality toy. 2) I wanted one that was easy to clean and sterilize, which is why I went with silicone. The idea of putting a condom on the toy for every use to preserve hygiene as recommended for toys made out of cheaper materials was a turn of off. 3) I went with a dildo instead of plug because I wanted something I could thrust in and out. 4) I was originally only going to buy one toy but free shipping offers are good for my sex life. 5) My better judgment told me to get the Silk Small, but the part of me that won told me to “be a man” and at least get the medium, a weird combination of defying and adhering to gender roles there.

The short version of events after a week of testing is: 1) Anal play feels incredible 2) The rest of my gender really needs to get the fuck over their ass/homophobia 3) I have become an anal play junkie and a possible sex toy junkie. If you want the day-by-day run down of things, keep reading.

Day 1

When I got the delivery I was pleased to see it was as promised in a nice a discreet package; opening it up everything seemed well packed (good indicators I would be giving Edenfantasys repeat business). I looked at the packages deciding how I was going to do this. I opened the Silk dildo first and although I bought these two in order to experiment with anal play, that was not the first thing I was curious about experimenting with. Following two themes that have been developing as I explore my sexuality: 1. Wondering how certain sexual acts must feel for the female 2. Exploring my more submissive side the first thing I wanted to do was face fuck myself a bit with it. This is also why I wanted a toy I could sterilize; I wanted to be able to use it in multiple ways.

I began sliding the dildo into my mouth gently and started giving the silicone phallus a blowjob imagining it was in harness, and that harness was attached to a woman ready to thrust away on me. After a bit, I started shoving it in my mouth with gusto for a while. I couldn’t get it all the way down to the base but I think I managed a decent effort; I managed to get vigorous enough with the thing that my eyes started to water. Doing that while imagine some dominate women on the other end doing the thrusting was a very erotic experience. I may not have gotten erect from it but it was intensely erotic nonetheless (one of the many thing I’m learning is how much more complex thing are then simple physical responses). The idea of getting it orally from a be-strapped women now added to my list of things I want to do in the future, I moved on to the rod.

I went over to the rod and just ran through the 7 vibration functions in my hand it felt surprisingly good just being in my hand. I took my clothes off and stared running it on my cock, balls, and perineum trying out each of the 7 setting all felt good but I could already tell which ones would become my favorites: #4 Pulse, Pulse, Vibration, #6 Pulsation and #7 Escalation. I decided that was enough of the vibe for the day.

I turned back to the Silk it was time to use the dildo for the purpose I had ordered it for. I put on a good bit of the lube on both my asshole and on the dildo and started to very slowly ease it into my butt. I had to reapply some lube but I eventually got it in and it felt really good going in. I decided to just leave it in place and masturbate normally. The feeling of having something up there was different and enjoyable. I pulled it out and the feeling of retracting it was incredible, that is when I knew getting something I could thrust was a good idea. Wanting to take it slow, I left it at that for the day.

Day 2

This day was all about the rod, I lubed up and ran it up and down my asshole, shifting through the different vibrations it was feeling good even before putting it in. Eventually I put it in while it was on one of the vibration settings, it went in easier than the Silk did despite being thicker at the tip then the dildo. The recommendations I read online did say that vibration can help losing up the asshole and this seems to confirm their recommendation. After I slid it in I cycled to through the different functions again the same settings from yesterday were my favorites but all were very pleasurable. I certainly could not orgasm from these vibration alone, but not only didn’t I care, I liked the fact that I had such a sensual experience I could use for the masturbatory equivalent of foreplay. Continuing I wanted to see how deep I could get this thing inside me. I added lube and very slowly slid it in. After a while, I pretty much got the whole length of the thing inside of me the online description says it has an insertable length of 8 inches. Second day and I was already shoving 8 inches of silicone inside myself, it was around this time that I started thinking “inside of me?” this was a whole new way of conceptualizing sexual pleasure. I pulled it out noting there was some fecal matter on the tip; I would have to review Alexa’s Enema post in the near future. As I was cleaning, the toy off I got an idea.

I like porn, I like jerking off after I watch porn; but I never liked masturbating during porn much. It feels premature ejaculation-ish to come before the action on screen is done; yet just laying there doing nothing for the duration isn’t the funniest thing either. This seems like the perfect solution a way of stimulating myself throughout while still allowing me to save my climax for when I’m good and ready. I put on some porn, lubed the toy and tested the theory. It was working perfectly, it was a feast of sensations to be watching and hearing the action on screen while cycling through the vibration functions while the rod was in my ass. Then a phone call interrupt it *sigh*.

Day 3

Played a bit with the vibe; really didn’t have much energy today. I did spend a good amount of time looking at different toys online however. Two days of play and I was already planning my next purchase (sex toy junkie in the making, here).

Day 4

Now here is when things start to get really interesting, I took out the Silk and put myself in a face down ass-up position with me reaching back with my right hand to thrust the thing in and out of me. The feelings where incredibly intense eventually I kept going until a felt a sudden spike of intense pleasure that made me just collapsed on to the bed. Pulling the dildo from my ass, I just looked at it for while thinking to myself “WOW” and wondering what just happened. That blip was intense and the only thing stopping me from calling it an orgasm is the duration while very intense it was also quite fleeting, “mini-orgasm” perhaps. I put the toy away for the night knowing I would most definitely be back tomorrow.

Day 5

Before I recount day 5, let me just say this to all my fellow XYs that are too ass/homophobic to try anal play GET THE FUCK OVER IT! You will thank me later. Now on to day 5, I decided I didn’t want to thrust the Silk by hand tonight I decided I wanted to ride the thing. Took me a while to find a comfortable position but once I got a good rhythm going, dear God did it feel good. I was still struck by the newness of the experience and how different it was from normal masturbation. The in and out of that thing in my ass was amazing, simply amazing. I was getting hot, sweaty, and flustered as I kept riding that thing; I don’t think masturbation has ever been such a work out before. As the sensations built I kept wondering if I could orgasm (or even have a repeat of last night’s mini-orgasm) from anal stimulation alone. The feelings were so intense it certainly seemed possible. I never reached one however eventually collapsing on to the bed after a few more minutes of riding. Despite not having achieved orgasm, I surprisingly felt completely satisfied with the night’s activities I could have jerked-off but I honestly felt happy with just that intense ride and went to sleep.

Day 6

I was honestly very tried but still wanted to do something involving anal play so I decided to do the watching porn with the vib inside me thing that was interrupted on Day 2. After finding some porn that appealed to me (cream-pie gangbang on a woman in a wedding dress, if you haven’t gathered I like giving the finger to conservative sexual values hehe) I started watching. About half way through I took out the rod put it in my ass and let the vibration stimulate me as I watched the rest of the scene. It worked perfectly enhancing my porn viewing without driving me to orgasm. When the scene was done, I started jerking off with the vibe still in my ass. When I came I could really feel my ass muscles contract around the thing, it was a great sensation.

Day 7

God I was horny today I had jerked off twice this day before I even started thinking about anal play. When night came, it was time to finish my first week of anal play by riding the heck out of that silk dildo. I modified the positioning on my bed from day 5 so I could get good penetration without tiring myself out as fast. Riding that thing (still feels a little odd thinking about pleasure this way but I’m getting over it fast) again felt absolutely amazing and it was even more intense this night. I was moaning and groaning, loader than I ever have during masturbation. I started biting down on my sheets because I was afraid someone might hear (nothing I could do about the twang of the bed-spring without depraving myself ,unfortunately, that was a risk I would need to take). After, a bit more I hand another one of those intense but all to short “minigasms” I mentioned in day 5, it again made me stop for a bit, but only for a bit. I quickly got back on that thing I again rode it till I experienced another “mini”. I was again so satisfied I didn’t bother to jerk-off, it was however frustrating since these spikes were still disappointingly short in duration. From what I’ve read anal orgasms being different than normal orgasms (i.e. ejaculation free) isn’t something unusual, however if I could find a way to extend that pleasure a bit I have no problem calling whatever it is I experienced a full fledged orgasm. With “Kegel exercises” added to the list of things I really needed to Google that concluded my first of week of exploring the pleasure potential of my own ass. It is not the end of things however I already have two more toys making their ways towards me (and my ass) and it goes without saying that I hope my next playmate doesn’t mind strapping on a harness. 😉

And just because I can’t say it enough if you’re a guy considering anal play: Get over what society has told you, get a lot of lube and get with the anal!

~ by namelesschaos on Saturday, August 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Anal Play-Week 1”

  1. Well done, sir. I’ve wondered if anally induced/enhanced orgasms were different for guys than those induced otherwise, as they are with me.

  2. May I just say – yum. I love that you are totally willing to explore whatever might feel good. And of course since I’ve always wanted to wear the strap-on, you’ve hit on a fantasy of mine. Thank you for letting us join you in your exploration.

  3. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your explorations, great path!

  4. Great post and it is great! I love it!

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