More Sex Toys on the Way

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I haven’t finished reviewing my first pair of sex toys (I reviewed my Silk medium and but I’m still working on the review of my Silicone flexi-power rod) and tomorrow I will already be receiving my second pair. I decided to write down what was going on in my mind when I selected these two. Although, I was planning to buy more toys my original plan didn’t included these toys but in both cases an opportunity presented itself that I had to take.

Sexy spades small

I was planning to get a butt plug when I went looking for the next addition to my toy collection but I did not expect to be purchasing a glass plug or really a glass toy of any kind. It not that I didn’t envision eventually getting a glass toy. I want to try a variety of material shapes and sizes on myself, but there was I reason I was holding off on the glass toys. To be honest and I know this will sound sappy/silly/stupid/whatever but these toys can be so beautiful, they are like little perverted pieces of pop art, that I wanted to wait till I had a partner that could apprentice their beauty and function before buying one. But since when has saving it ever worked?

Why did the spade change things? I’ve played several hands of poker in my life so the spade design caught my attention and considering how pretty the thing is I thought even if I don’t end up liking it as a toy, it would still serve as a nice memento of my sexual exploration. As I kept thinking, I thought I’ve played enough poker and have enough of a twisted sense of humor that I could probably get away with using it as a paper weight and saying “since it look a spade I decided to buy it as a laugh” without anyone suspecting it been in my butt. That when I decided to buy this thing. I wonder. Could I play innocent well enough to convince people that I bought it just as a spade like paperweight not knowing its true propose?

Alumina Flow

Since I want to experiment with a variety of materials, a mental toy was definitely on the wish list and a member of the Alumina line high amongst potential candidates. However, since they are pricey I figured it would be a luxury purchase I would have to wait I while to get. Then I saw that Edenfantasys had 25% off all toys in the line until August 28 2009 the bargain hunter in me was aroused and said this was too good a deal to pass up. I was torn between the Flow and the Pace; the bargain hunter again decided this. The Flow is the more expensive of the two thus is the 25% off is a bigger bargain on that one then the Pace. The sale doesn’t end until August 28, and I’ve already converted the change in my penny jar into cash, so if I like the Flow enough I’ll get the Pace as well to take advantage of the reduce price.


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