Review:Silicone Flexi-Power Rod

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Silicone Flexi-Power Rod by California Exotic Novelties

The Silicone Flexi-Power Rod was the first vibrating toy I owned. To cut to the chase, I like this toy and use it often. However, I use it as a warm-up/foreplay toy. If you are looking for the toy guaranteed to give you the biggest orgasm while it is working you ass I can’t recommend this toy for that, however, if you’re looking for a good toy to warm-up with or simply want to know more about this toy read ahead.

The Silicone Flexi-Power Rod in it orginal packaging

The Silicone Flexi-Power Rod in its original packaging

The Power Rod is a 7 function vibrating anal probe with an insertable length of 8 inches. Taking a good look at the toy starting at the base, the base is made out of plastic and isn’t water proof so take care not to get it wet. It has two buttons one for cycling through the seven functions and one to turn off the toy. Operation is thus simple enough; however, the two buttons are so close to one another it is very easy to hit the wrong button in the heat of the moment. A better design choice would have been to move one of the buttons to the side of the toy and an even better choice would be two arrow keys to cycle back and forth through the settings and a third center stop key. Flipping the toy over for a moment, the toy uses three AA batteries and I found the battery case easy to open and close with my thumb. It is recommend practice to remove the batteries from a toy when not in use to help extend the life of both the batteries and the toy. An easy to open battery case assures that you won’t be ruining the mood and/or your afterglow while you’re fumbling to get the batteries in/out. The seven functions are as follows:

  1. Vibration #1 (Low)
  2. Vibration #2 (Medium)
  3. Vibration #3 (High)
  4. Pulse, Pulse, Vibration
  5. Rapid Pulsation
  6. Pulsation
  7. Escalation

The vibrations are powerful, but not earth shattering. The toy makes enough noise that you’ll be able to hear it under the sheets but not through a locked door. I find all the setting to be pleasurable however; my personal favorites are: #6. Pulsation, #4. Pulse, Pulse, Vibration, and #7. Escalation. None are intense enough to drive me to orgasm on their own. However, I am not disappointed by this, I personally like this as it allows me to use this for the masturbatory equivalent of foreplay. One use of this is that I find the vibrations help relax my anal muscles; I thus bring it out to warm up for bigger/better toys. Another use I have for this toy reflects a little quirk of mine. While I like porn; and I like masturbating after I watch porn I have never liked getting off during porn much. It always felt premature ejaculation-ish to come while the action is still happening on screen. However, just lying there doing nothing while people are fucking on screen isn’t the funniest thing either. This represents the perfect solution as I can get very pleasurable stimulation while still allowing me to save my orgasm for when I’m good and ready.

Looking at the shaft, it is composed of an oblong tip flowed by three rounder beads leading down to the base. There is a slight seam running down the length of the shaft on both sides. Although the seam was noticeable to my fingers, I did not feel the seam while it was inside me, others might so it should be noted. The beading makes this an excellent anal vibrator since it ensures the toy stays in and does not fall out or get pushed out via intense muscle contractions. However, I found the toy awkward to use for pure trusting so if you are looking for a thrusting tool I’d look elsewhere. The main attraction of this shaft is that it is flexible. It’ll always bounce back to its original shape so you have to hold it in place once you find a good position. This allows for some fun applications. Firstly, you can use this externally to stimulate nipples, balls, cock, perineum etc. the flexibility allows you to wrap this bad boy around your junk in interesting ways. My favorite application of this is just putting in the tip of the toy and bending it back to get perineum /ball stimulation while it vibrates inside of me. This flexibility also makes this a good choice for a beginner; you don’t want to be sticking anything to hard up there while you’re still learning. The insertable length of 8’ should be enough for anyone. I don’t usually stick it in all the way. The vibrations as best I can tell come from a bullet vibe in the tip not from the base of the toy, thus the vibrations don’t feel as pleasurable when I go all the way in. However, since this is the longest toy in my collection as of now there is a psychological thrill from inserting it all the way in. The beads also feel good being removed anal beads style after full insertion.

The material the shaft is made of is phthalate free TPR silicone, a composite silicone. The box calls it “hygienically superior silicone” which is misleading. These composite are only required to have 10% silicone to call themselves silicone. This imparts to them many of the benefits of silicone but not all. To that end, the toy definitely feels much like rubber and the box says it should always be used with a rubber compatible lubricant. Nowhere on the box does it clearly state that this toy is composite silicone, just the hygienically superior silicone line, considering the difference between pure silicone and composite silicone this type of practice among toy makers is deceptive and needs to stop. It is tempting, and not unjustified, to give this toy an “avoid it” recommendation on principle alone. While you should never use silicone based lubes on a silicone toy this is even truer for a composite toy so use a good water based lubricant if you pick this toy up. Putting a condom on this toy is not a bad idea either, being a composite you should treat this toy more like rubber than a 100% silicone toy. Definitely go the condom route (or buy more than one) if you plan to share this toy between partners or your own orifices. TPR silicone is not like pure silicone, which is easily sterilized between uses.

Lastly, it should be noted that this toy is inexpensive you can find it for around 25 bucks. This toy isn’t perfect, the biggest drawback being that it is TPR silicone. However, considering the toys versatility and low price, if the drawbacks listed above do not brother you this toy comes recommend. It loses points for being TPR silicone, if it wasn’t for that it would be a must have. The versatility and low price also makes this a good choice for beginner looking for an inexpensive vibrating toy to experiment with.


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